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You are at your wits end in trying to figure out your teens emotional roller coaster and don’t know how to help. They have been struggling with their depression or anxiety for some time and you missed the warning signs. They hibernate in their room all the time and have become a shell of who they once were. You fight all the time and they never want to talk. You are constantly worried about them, their feelings and who they are confiding in at this critical time of their life. You’ve tried everything you know to get through to them, but nothing seems to work. You’ve simply run out of ideas and have no where else to turn.


I want to tell you you’re not alone and I can help. Using different evidenced-based interventions and a trusting relationship, your teen doesn’t have to experience this depression or anxiety alone. Your worry that they have no one to talk to or they are walking this path alone is over as they have someone in their corner, they can talk to opening without the fear of judgment or repercussion. Together as a team, we will work together to bring your teen out of this negative space and help them find peace again by learning to cope with their depression or anxiety


Contact me today to talk about how we might partner together to find a solution so you can have your teen back to a thriving place and your worries subside.