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I'm offering online therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call or email for more information. I'm here to help in any way I can!

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Does this sound familiar?

As a young adult with anxiety or a parent of a child struggling with it you know life doesn't have to feel this way.  You want to see your child or teenager have a sense of normalcy and security in life.  You, yourself, want to live a life free of anxious, consuming thoughts.  These things look different for every person and child:

  • feeling overwhelmed 

  • being filled with worry

  • unmotivated

  • feeling negative about yourself

  • feeling alone and misunderstood


Hi, I’m Julie, and I can help. 

I am an experienced child, teen, and young adult therapist who works with those struggling with anxiety and depression to find a place of peace as well as control in their lives  I provide treatment for anxiety in children using play therapy, expressive art, skill building, and relationship building.  I also provide treatment for teen depression by using talk therapy, skill building, art, and self-esteem skill building.  My patients walk away from therapy with me feeling connected to others, relief from their worry and depressive symptoms, as well as having a better sense of self.  They also feel contentment, in control of where they are headed and a better outlook on life.  





Therapy for child with anxiety

Your child will learn the tools necessary to be successful, gain confidence, and feel in control so they are happier within themselves again.

Child Therapy





Therapy for teenage anxiety

& depression

Your teen will learn the coping strategies they'will need to gain confidence of a positive outlook and have a better sense of self.

Teen Therapy

Young Adult Therapy





Therapy for adults

You will learn tools needed to guide you on your journey to a place of peace.

Group Therapy

Group therapy for anxiety, depression, and social skills

Gain the skills you need to cope with depression and anxiety while having support from peers.  Develop social skills to enhance positive peer relationships.

How Therapy Works

1. Reach out today by message, email, or phone call.  I’ll answer any questions you may have about therapy and you can determine if my therapeutic approach is the right fit.

2. Let me be your or your child's sounding board.​  Join me each session to work together on strategies to conquer sadness and anxiety.  Together, we will develop the tools to finally feel better.


3. Find hope and strength again. You will be empowered in your abilities to conquer your fears and sadness while developing a positive approach to your future.

 You or your child don’t have to keep feeling overwhelmed with life, friends, parents, school, work, or relationships.  I can help make anxiety and depression a distant memory.

Find peace where anxiety & depression no longer exist

Specializing in anxiety & depression in children, teens, & young adults in Canton, Ohio

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