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Childhood Anxiety Treatment

Treatment of Childhood Anxiety in Canton, Ohio

Has your child been lost to their anxiety or depression?


Maybe they can’t stop worrying at bedtime about tomorrow or perhaps they’re overwhelmed with sadness and don’t know what to do. They may be struggling to get through their day as their happy self or simply being a part of the family. Perhaps they’re feeling like no one understands them anymore.


Whatever it is that they’re experiencing, you’ve begun to notice the impact of this anxiety or depression in every facet of their life: friends, school, and family relationships… and you’re wondering what to do.

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Child Therapy can help.


It may feel impossible now, but your child can have a happy, healthy life. They can  find contentment. They can  feel a sense of relief. And I can help them get there.


Child Therapy helps your child do 3 things:

  • Build their self-esteem

  • Learn ways to express their feelings

  • Develop a better sense of self so they can live a healthy, happy well-adjusted life.


I’ll help them through this process, tailoring each step to your child’s unique needs and circumstances. My approach to Child Therapy comes from a place of hope and empathy: enabling your child to have a better outlook on life and feel like they can accomplish anything!

Worrisome thoughts and feeling overwhelmed don’t have to be their story.

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Q: What are Child Therapy sessions like?

A: After the initial assessment appointment, I work on building rapport with your child by playing or doing art with them so they can express how they're feeling when they cannot put words to their emotions. I use these techniques to allow them to feel at ease so they can talk about how they’re feeling once they learn they have someone who understands. Each session is one on one with the child, so it creates a safe space outside of parent rules to express themselves that they’ve never really known.


Q: How long does my child need to be in therapy?

A: It really depends on the needs of your child. Some therapy with children is short term if it’s a specific situation in life that's causing their anxiety or sadness. With something long-standing, like chronic anxiety, it could take a series of months.


Q: How do I know if Child Therapy will work for my child?

A: I have over 10 years’ experience working with children struggling with anxiety and depression. I’ve devoted my entire career to developing ways to empower children so they can be in control of their lives. They will feel better about themselves and have a better path before them after treatment with me.


Q: How do we get started?

A: All you need to do is reach out to me by message, phone call or email and we can set up a free consultation to determine if your child’s needs are something I can help with. Once we determine that, we will schedule an initial assessment with you and your child.

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