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You are so worried about your child and the anxiety or depression they are experiencing. They are worrying so much at bedtime about their school day & can’t find sleep to be easy. They yell or argue with you when it’s time to turn electronics off or for bedtime routine. You don’t know what to do or who to turn to. All you want to do is help them in their time of need and alleviate the pain they are feeling. You wish they could talk to you about what is wrong but every time you ask, you’re met with the famous “I don’t know.” You need someone that can get your child to open up and talk about how they’re feeling right now. You need someone that will help you with what’s going on with your child, now. You’re desperate.

Help in getting your child to start feeling better is here. Through evidenced-based interventions and a caring relationship, your child doesn’t have to experience this anxiety or depression daily. Your worry that they aren’t telling you if they are being bullied, overwhelmed with schoolwork or have had a major falling out with friends is over as they open up to you through the course of treatment.  Together as a team, you will learn what it is that is making them so sad or anxious and affecting them so much. You will see your child transform into a better version of themselves as they grow through therapy and defeat their depression or anxiety.


Contact me today to talk about how we might partner together to find a solution so you can get your child back to a thriving place and your concerns addressed.