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How to Find a Child, Teen or Young Adult Therapist in Canton, Ohio

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Finding a child, teen or young adult therapist in Canton gives you a lot of options and can be overwhelming for so many reasons. So many questions to ask and things to consider – it’s a scary process and an important decision. One of the greatest hurdles alone is just figuring out where to look. There are many ways to find a therapist in Canton. Here’s where:

*Ask a close and trusted friend or family member for a recommendation. Chances are you have friends or family members who have had to utilize the services of a counselor, therapist or psychologist or at the very least, they know someone who knows someone. Sometimes the best referral is from personal experience so ask around and you might be pleasantly surprised. You could also ask a playmates parent of your child. There may be a rich resource to tap into.

*Ask your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor probably has an arsenal of known children, teen or young adult therapist, that they have referred to in the past. You aren’t the first one who seeks help for their anxiety, depression, ADHD or other issues from their primary care doctor so you can count on the fact that they have referrals at their fingertips.

*Ask a therapist, counselor or psychologist. So, if you are lucky enough to know someone in your social circle who is a therapist, counselor or psychologist themselves, ask them if they were to take their child to see a child therapist, who would they go to and/or ask them who they admire and respect in their field.

*Use a therapist, counselor or psychologist listing directory. There are several different directories listings available for you to explore. Many of them have filtering options so you can search specifically for a child therapist specializing in anxiety or ADHD or depression. Some popular ones and the ones I use are:;;

*Health Insurance Directory. If you’re using your health insurance to pay for counseling or therapy, then look at your health provider’s online directory or give them a call. Your health insurance company will have a list of providers who take your health insurance. Many of them provide an online directory but you can also call the member services department and ask them for referrals. Again, most of these insurance provider directories have filtering options and member services can access the filtering options as well.

*Call your local school counselor and/or school counseling department or university for referrals. They will often maintain a resource list as well as may even have counselors on hand that can provide services in the school setting.

*Google search. Yes, you can even do a good old google search. Type in the search field, “kid therapist in Canton”, "child therapist", "child therapist anxiety", "child therapist ADHD" or just "counselor". Fill in the blank for whatever issue you might be seeking assistance with.

I hope this has been beneficial to you in finding the right child, teen or young adult counselor in Canton. If you are still feeling unsure of how to navigate through your search, feel free to call me at for a free 15-minute consultation. I’d be happy to hear about what is going on and connect you to the right therapist, even if it isn’t me. If you are looking for help with children, teens or young adults struggling with anxiety, depression or ADHD, you can read more about how I can help here.

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